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Pupils can experience first-hand the thrill of this exciting new technology!

Half* or full-day workshops with hands-on experience and an introduction to 3D model making and printing using food safe PLA plastic.

We can bring two 3D printers safely into the class room, explain to the children how it all works and then show them via production of some small examples. We can show children the basic skills needed to make simple 3D models using freely available software on the internet. We use a computer to connect to the school projector. Children may follow on their own laptops if available within school.

Half-day (within the M25) is £240, a full day is £360.

Basic materials are included but extra charges apply if the school wants the children to make and print their own small objects.

Please note: Due to the technical nature of the 3D printers we will require a minimum of 30 mins to set-up and calibrate the printers before the first session of the day can begin. See extra requirements below.

An introduction to 3D printing & CAD / CAM

Pupils learn how the future of manufacturing has changed completely and that complex shapes can be constructed with freely available software. A presentation (slide show) explains a brief history and outlines some of the great advances and possibilities for this exciting new technology. 3D print and CAD/CAM will surely play a large part in the lives of many students as they get older.

3D print is great within ICT / DT
This great little robot is one example of how revolutionary the 3D print process is. It printed and lifted from the print bed to allow it’s joints to articulate with no further processing! Printers can now print moving models directly.

Articulated robot
We can supply resources with links to websites that supply free software for the development of ideas in 3D. Find and download existing 3D models or create your own with simple tools and an easy interface.

You can even create your own 3D models after we have gone by using our print-on-demand ‘HUB’ service - just upload finished models to our hub and get them printed and posted to school at minimal cost! Ask us how.

Workshop requirements:

To deliver the full experience we will require the following:

• Two standard sized school tables for the printers and printed 3D object examples.
• A classroom with a projector / smart screen. Access point (VGA cable) to connect our computer to the projector, preferably near the tables at the front of class. The same class will be required all day and the pupils come to us.
• Access to power and wifi (for interactive demonstrations of software).

We recommend that for best exposure to the printer and its wonders each session should be a single class group of no more than 40 pupils and should last a minimum of 45 minutes. We will work with you to ensure we deliver the maximum number of sessions throughout the school day.

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Telephone: 0208 429 1074
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