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Tim Davies is a practising artist based in London with over ten years experience of leading workshops and projects in Primary Schools, Youth Centres and Community Art Groups. He specialises in school grounds development and large scale sculptural installations both inside schools and in school grounds. His workshops emphasise experimentation and artistic investigation, drawing ideas from original source material and real life experience.

“Thanks so much for all the fantastic work you did with the children last week. Lots of staff commented on how good you were with the children and they certainly all enjoyed the activity. We are all very excited about getting the wonderful constructions installed.” Will Hargreaves, Head of Art, Malorees Primary School, Harrow


Tim offers a wide choice of schools workshops with an emphasis on 3D techniques. The workshops range from one day sessions to longer projects resulting in permanent sculptural installations and carnival processions.

Willow Sculpting is a versatile technique that can be used to build large and very colourful three dimensional artwork. Withies (dried willow) and masking tape are used to build a framework over which tissue paper is then stretched to create patterns and designs. This technique is fantastic for creating impressive sculptural installations, giant insects and animals, carnival costumes and 3D screens. Large pieces can be built to transform an internal space, create scenery or provide a focus for a special event.

Screen Printing is a great way of working with textiles such as wall hangings, banners and T-shirts to create striking colourful designs. Children can create individual pieces or work on large collective artworks for permanent installation. The method used in these workshops involves paper masking rather than chemical emulsions making the process accessible to children as young as year one.

MusicalGardensare an excellent way to enrich your outdoor environment and bring a new musical dimension to outdoor play. Tim has custom built many musical installations including chimes, drums, xylophones, percussive pipes and string instruments all of which can be made specifically to fit your school grounds.

Living Willow rods can be planted as cuttings and then woven together to build living green structures in your school grounds. This technique can be used to build tunnels, domes, arches, and walled gathering spaces which will grow and change through the seasons. These spaces are often used as quiet areas or as an alternative class group space for circle time and are an excellent way to enrich your outdoor environment. Willowstructures can be built by even the youngest children giving them the opportunity to shape the school environment and work on a large collaborative project.

Installations As well as these regular workshops I also work on a wide range of one-off projects to create permanent artwork for installation in schools. If you would like to develop ideas and create a permanent artwork for your school, or school grounds please get in touch and I will be happy to come and visit to discuss your plans.

Key information

  • 3D art workshops and projects
  • School grounds development
  • 10 years teaching experience
  • Teacher training and inset days
  • CRB checked and insured

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The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London, yorkshire,

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