10,000 Years BC

10,000 Years BC presenters Chris and Dave Trevor are qualified teachers with extensive experience of both Primary and Secondary education, having spent most of their teaching careers in Cheshire, where they live. Both have a lifelong love of the past, and have travelled extensively in the UK and Europe visiting many key historic and prehistoric sites. 10,000 Years BC was started in 2013-14 in response to the reintroduction of Prehistory into the KS2 National Curriculumand as a natural extension of their teaching backgrounds, their existing historical work and their interests.

10,000 Years BC aims to improve understanding of our Palaeolithic prehistory with workshops and demonstrations that display authentic-looking replica artefacts, implements and garments of the period.

"The recent workshop experience was fantastic for all the children and staff! Real, practical investigative learning took place.. The workshops were engaging with opportunities to observe real historical artefacts. Moreover, the children were given opportunities to voice their existing knowledge of the Stone Age as aspiring archaeologists. A final question time with Dave dressed as Stone Age hunter/gatherer really caught the children's attention.. Many thanks for this memorable experience. Highly recommended from staff and pupils."
KS2 class teacher, Manchester

We focus on the late Palaeolithic period (the 'Old Stone Age') before the arrival of fixed settlements, metals and farming. During this time our ancestors were nomadic hunter-gatherers who dressed in well-made animal skin garments and used carefully-crafted implements made of stone, wood, antler and bone. They successfully adapted to survival in glacial, inter-glacial and sub-glacial environments and lived in temporary encampments, rock shelters and caves. Stunning examples of their cave art and sculptures provide us with tantalising glimpses into a world very different to our own - a world that we'd like to share with you.

10,000 Years BC uses authentic-looking late Ice Age hunter-gatherer garments made from red deer skin, based on known evidence of Palaeolithic lifestyles, tools and techniques.

In our workshop sessions and presentations we display quality replica prehistoric tools, weapons and artefacts of flint, bone, wood and antler for handling and discussion. Many of our artefacts are hafted to demonstrate their original appearance and function - they are not lifeless lumps of stone locked away behind glass. We are firm believers in putting the past in your hands.

In primary schools we offer a half-day workshop that incorporates practical hands-on activities based on archaeology, chronology, evidence-based learning and the lifestyles of Palaeolithic people. We present the workshop as a two person team. The activities are carefully cross-referenced to the specific requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum for KS2 (Primary) History. We work with teachers, teaching assistants and pupils in their own classrooms, removing the need for time-consuming school trip administration and preparation, and the cost of additional staffing.

We are also available to work with other groups and audiences, both inside and outside the education system, including secondary, further and higher education, museum/historic site education programmes and events, history-based clubs and societies, and promotional, photography or documentary work. 

"The children really enjoyed the whole day! It was lovely for them to get a hands on feel of objects from the time and provided them with an excellent opportunity to apply the knowledge that they had gained over the course of the topic, through them handling artefacts and objects that would be hard come by as a NQT. A key strength of the day was the subject knowledge you both possess, Dave was especially brilliant at answering any question the children had! They also gained so much from “seeing a real life” pre-historic man. They were then able to have a brilliant visual reference to the people we have been learning about. I would definitely recommend this course to other teachers who are covering the Stone Age to Iron Age topic, or about to start it."
KS2 class teacher, Cheshire


All queries are welcome, but due to increasing demand it is necessary to book our workshop at least one school term in advance.


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